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Miguel Rico

Corona Salsa Champion 2001, Scala Latina Salsa Champion 2003 and UKA Salsa Champion 2006 are some of his rewards and achievements since he started this amazing journey 17 years ago.

Miguel’s music interpretation

is a gift from his both musician parents, this knowledge & experience makes him stand out in his performances and freestyle.

His personality and smile is simply contagious.

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Mayana’s love for dance started at an early age, she followed her heart and went to one of the best Russian Dance Academy where she studied from traditional dances to ballet & contemporary.

She continued teaching various dance styles until she found Salsa.

What really makes her Unique its her dance style where she combines all the knowledge she has of various dances, creating her own signature which portraying her as an elegant and stylish dancer.

2007-2008 UK Professional Salsa Champions.

2009 & 2011 Top Salsa UK Teachers Award

Salsa Student Performance Courses in London with Miguel Mayana Mambonito Dance co.Salsa Student Performance team - 12 weeks intensive courses - Mambonito12 weeks salsa student performance courses in londonSalsa Classes in London with Miguel & MayanaAVAILABLE TO TEACH: Cross Body “on1″, Cross Body “on2″ New York Style, Puertorican “on 2″, Men & Ladies Styling, Men & Ladies Styling during partner work, Shines “on1″ and “on2″,

Lead & Follow techniques, Music interpretation etc…

LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Russian.

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Salsa Classes in London, Dance Classes London, Dance Lessons & Dance Courses- Student Performance Groups 12 weeks Intensive Courses with Miguel Mayana Mambonito